Day of the Dead: Catrina cake and Calaveritas cookies – Dia de los Muertos Pastel de La Catrina y galletas de Calaverita

Today we celebrate el Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico. Is a very important celebration because we remember and honor family or friends that are already enjoying heaven. Most people visit the cemeteries where their loved ones are buried and decorate their graves with ofrendas or altars that are rich in symbols and are a welcoming gesture for the souls that will be visiting during the festivity. The altars or offerings can also be built in their homes. Because I live far away from my family I just make these cake and cookies to celebrate my Mexican traditions and to share them with all of you.

La Catrina and Calaveras -2

I tried to incorporate as many symbols as I could but “3 little kids” time constraints limited my expectations. But lets start with the female skeleton in the top, she is “La Catrina”, one of the most popular figures of the Day of the Dead celebrations. I use gumpaste for some parts and fondant for others.

La Catrina and Calaveras - 17

The 2 tier cake is intended to represent a two level altar meaning Earth and Heaven. The arch on top of the cross is the door to the world of the dead. Of course the cross is the religious element for the Catholic origins of the celebration.

La Catrina and Calaveras - 10

The “flor de cempasuchil” (marigols flowers) are thought to attract souls of the dead to the offerings. I don’t have a special cuter for the flowers but I use a 5 petal one to form them.

La Catrina and Calaveras - 11

The ornaments in the bottom tier of the cake are my representation of “papel picado” that signify the winds that will bring the souls back.
La Catrina and Calaveras - 15

I make “Calaveritas” (sugar skulls) sugar cookies as a sweet treat for the visitors to enjoy.
La Catrina and Calaveras - 4
La Catrina and Calaveras - 3

OK enough bla, bla, bla I promise no more pictures or details after these; candles are the light the will guide them back to the world of the dead, and water and fruits to feed them.

4 thoughts on “Day of the Dead: Catrina cake and Calaveritas cookies – Dia de los Muertos Pastel de La Catrina y galletas de Calaverita

  1. Thank you very much for the beautiful and delicious cake you shared at Mom’s Night Out! You are a gifted artist! We look forward to seeing you again and working with you on a cake for our RFFA Graduation Party!

    • Tisha it was a fun Mom’s night out !!! and I’m more then ready for the cake. I already have some ideas spinning around my head !!!

  2. muy Bonita calaberita 🙂 me gusto mucho, grcaais por compartila con nosotras y por continuar con nuestras tradiciones Mexicanas k son tan hermasas y unicas 🙂

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