3D Autum Tree cookie tutorial – Guia de como hacer un galleta Arbol de otoño en 3D

Fall finally found south Texas !! I live in San Antonio and until last week we were still wearing our summer clothes. Halloween was over and Thanksgiving was around the corner but I wasn’t in the holidays mood at all. Then suddenly cold weather kick in and now . . . Fall tree-m5cake 1

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I’m back with the Day of the Dead celebration!!!! ya regrese . . . no estaba muerta andaba de parranda Dia de Muertos

I spend months crying because all my 2012 posts get lost. One day at the end of June they just disappear and to add to the drama the back up I supposedly had . . . didn’t work. This blog is my hobby but still is a lot of work and time that get lost. I finally stop my lament because my followers in Facebook keep growing even though I’m not posting anything new since this happen. Thank you to all of you !!!!!.  So to close that horrible episode in my blogging life I will re post in the near future some of the cakes and cookies that get lost (you can still find all the pictures on my flickr account), but for now let’s celebrate “El Dia de Muertos” (Day of the Dead) . This is a celebration that really get close to my heart when I moved away from my hometown in Mexico. Is a beautiful tradition that honor our love ones that left before us . . .

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