3D Autum Tree cookie tutorial – Guia de como hacer un galleta Arbol de otoño en 3D

Fall finally found south Texas !! I live in San Antonio and until last week we were still wearing our summer clothes. Halloween was over and Thanksgiving was around the corner but I wasn’t in the holidays mood at all. Then suddenly cold weather kick in and now . . . Fall tree-m5cake 1

Fall tree-m5cake 2a

Fall tree-m5cake 2b

Fall tree-m5cake 3

If you read my last post you know that I’m playing with my friend airbrush machine and this project was perfect to use it. With zero background in painting I’m just experimenting but is a lot of fun, almost therapeutic. That was until my husband arrived and told me ” you should watch some – airbrushing how to- videos in you tube. What is he trying to say? Maybe his intentions were good, lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Lets go back to the point and allowed me to show you how to make this 3-D Fall/Autumn trees scene with cookies.


For the tree I use the following cutters

  1. Mickey mouse face for the tree crown
  2. Halloween witch broom for the tree trunk and branches
  3. Scalloped circle or any other circular cutter for the base to support the standing tree
  4. Orchid Throat cutter for the container holding the leaves (from the old Wilton Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set)
  5. Another cutter from the same discontinued Wilton flower cutter for the rake.
  6. I hand cut this piece that will be the support system to keep the tree standing. The height of A = thickness of the base cookie (3)

Fall tree-m5cake 4

Working with chilled cookie dough make the cutting process super easy. Once I had all the pieces I bind them in this order

Fall tree-m5cake 5

Bake the cookies and as soon as you can handle them with your hands check if A and B still match. If the hole is too small because the dough expanded to much, carefully use a small knife to make it bigger.


1. I use stiff consistency royal icing tinted in gold (Americolor) and Wilton tip 65 (small leave) to make the tree foliage. I make the leaves in different directions for a more natural look.

Fall tree-m5cake 6

2. I pipped some leaves falling down the tree and also pipped more in a parchment paper to use them later in the base of the cookie. Then I let them dry for a few hours.

Fall tree-m5cake 7

3. Continue with these steps

a. Lightly airbrush the foliage with red, orange, green and brown. If you don’t have an airbrush you can get the same effect with food color spray like Wilton color mist. A little goes a long way so be careful. Don’t forget to airbrush the leaves that you have in the parchment paper.

Fall tree-m5cake 8

b. Then outline the trunk with stiff consistency brown royal icing and filled it with a flooding consistency RI in the same color.  Let dry for a couple of hours

4. Decorate the container holding the leaves fin the same brown icing. I put some details with orange and red medium consistency royal icing. Use some of the additional leaves to decorate the container (use a little bit of RI to attach them)

5. Once the trunk is dry decorate the rake and attach some of the dry leaves in the bottom. Let rest for 30 minutes.


1.Outline base cookie with stiff consistency orange royal icing.

2. Insert point A (tree)  in hole B (base) and apply generous amount of stiff consistency orange royal icing all around it but specially in the back.  This will keep the cookie standing up straight.

3. Immediately fill the base with flood consistency orange royal icing.

Fall tree-m5cake 11
4. Then insert the container cookie in the flooded base. Because is a really small cookie that would be enough to keep it standing up.

5. Finally sprinkle some of the dry leaves in the flooded base before it start to dry.


Fall tree-m5cake 9

6. Enjoy your Autumn creation.

“How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.”
John Burroughs

Fall tree-m5cake 10


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