Fall cookies – Galletas de Otoño

I really enjoy making these set of cookies because I use different techniques – stencils, pearls and splash painting. The inspiration came from Sugarbelle recent post.

Fall 2012 m5cake.com 1

Fall 2012 m5cake.com 2
I don’t have step by step pictures but here are the instructions:

      1. Outline (pipping consistency) and fill the cookies (flow consistency) with ivory RI. Let them dry overnight.
      2. Dissolve gold pearl dust with a little bit of lemon extract, Everclear, or vodka. I always use tequila. Then with a paint brush lightly wet with the now liquid gold, run your finger through the bristles. But in this matter you better visit Sugarbelle post to get visual instructions. Let the cookies dry just for a few minutes.

Fall 2012 m5cake.com 5

3. Now that the ivory surfaces are finished pipe the accents in gold like the tops of the pumpkins and nuts.

Fall 2012 m5cake.com 3

4. Than you decorate with your favorite stencil using stiff royal icing. I learn that food stencils are made with a thicker plastic that the normal painting stencils and that helps a lot to get a nice clean finish in your shape (at least with the ones I own). The leave shape stencil that I used is from a really thin plastic and the finish is not as clean as the fleur de lis stencil that is special for food decoration (bought it last year in Michaels and is intended for cupcakes decoration).

Fall 2012 m5cake.com 4

5. Finally you use a little bit of RI to put the edible pearl in place.

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