Chinese Koi Fish Cookies

More Chinese cookies! I’m not sure but is probably the color combination that attract me to Chinese symbols and today I will show you how I make these staple of Chinese culture the Koi fish that represent Harmony and Happiness and is tied to the Ying Yang symbol.

Chinese New Year 2014-

I also make Chinese Peonies but those didn’t clearly capture the essence of the flower, in my opinion were too busy to show the shape of the flower.  Guess I will have to try a different approach next time, maybe a darker outline?
Chinese New Year 2014-




One thought on “Chinese Koi Fish Cookies

  1. Thanks Margarita for the tutorial, I’m sure alot of people will appreciate this. Since you, Amy and me are Pices i think it will come in
    handy. You are so talented, thank you for sharing your God Given Talent with us. Beautiful work.

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