Chinese Year of the Horse Cookies

Cookies for the Year of the Horse in 2014, never have the opportunity to share here in my blog. Enjoy them.

Chinese New Year 2014-

One of the first times I used shadows to enhance the details in the horse face. I use black gel color mixed with a little bit of alcohol (tequila, vodka, even lemon extract works) and apply it with a fine brush.
Chinese New Year 2014-

Wet on wet technique for the flowers in the lanterns, all the gold details were brush with luster dust also mix with alcohol.
Chinese New Year 2014- Chinese New Year 2014-

Chinese Koi Fish Cookies

More Chinese cookies! I’m not sure but is probably the color combination that attract me to Chinese symbols and today I will show you how I make these staple of Chinese culture the Koi fish that represent Harmony and Happiness and is tied to the Ying Yang symbol.

Chinese New Year 2014-

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Happy Chinese New Year 2012 ! – Feliz Año Nuevo Chino 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 !!!  Last year I make an amazing collection of cookies for the celebration of the Chinese New Year that you can find here part1, here part 2 and here part 3. The picture is at the end of this post. Was amazing not only because it was beautiful but because I make a lot of their traditional symbols and also share with you their meaning. All this bla, bla, bla is just to tell you that I couldn’t came up with any new ideas so I limit myself just to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar’s symbol for 2012 “The Dragon”. Feliz Año Nuevo Chino 2012 !! El año pasado hice una espectacular coleccion de galletas (modestia aparte) para la celebracion del Año Nuevo que pueden encontrar aqui la 1ra parte, aqui la 2da parte y aqui la 3ra parte. Puse la foto de esas galletas al final de este articulo. Era espectacular no solo porque quedaron hermosas sino porque hice muchos de los simbolos tradicionales que usan durante esta celebracion y aparte les comparti sus significados. Pero bueno todo este bla, bla, bla  es solamente para confesar que no se me ocurrieron nuevas ideas, asi que me limite solamente al simbolo para el 2012 del Calendario Zodical Chino “El Dragon”


“The Dragon” is the mightiest and most favored of the 12 zodiac signs.


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Chinese dragon cake – Pastel de Dragon Chino

Chinese Dragon Cake - 1
This year my oldest son birthday was the same day as the celebration of the Chinese New Year so his cake was a Chinese Dragon. Este año el cumpleaños de mi hijo mayor fue el mismo dia de la celebracion del Año Nuevo Chino asi que su pastel fue un Dragon Chino.
Chinese Dragon Cake - 3
We took the cake, some of the chinese decorated sugar cookies I already posted and a paper dragon that I make to his preschool class. He really enjoyed his celebration (so much that I have to pick him up in the principal office 2 hrs. earlier because he was misbehaving . . . upppss). Nos llevamos a su salon de prescolar el pastel, algunas de las galletas decoradas con motivos chinos que ya publique aqui y un dragon de papel que les hice.
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Chinese New Year Cookies last part – Galletas del Año Nuevo Chino ultima parte

Continuing with the symbolism, a different animal from the Chinese Zodiac is assign to represent each year. Like I mention before 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. Here are some that were happy celebrating !!!

Continuando con el simbolismo, un animal diferente del Zodiaco Chino es asignado para representar cada año. Como lo mencione antes, el 2011 es el Año del Conejo. Aqui andan algunos celebrando muy felices !!

Chinese new year last part - 1

Celebration is about family and friends so in this New Year I want to wish you all, Good Fortune like the symbol on these bags of coins, plus some strength, wisdom, harmony and peace for your life like the symbols on the coins.

Las celebraciones son para compartir con la familia y amigos asi que en este Año Nuevo quiero desearles a todos ustedes Buena Fortuna, como el simbolo en la bolsa de monedas; ademas de fortaleza, sabiduria, harmonia y paz para sus vidas – como los simbolos en las monedas.

Chinese new year last part - 2

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Cookies Chinese New Year Part 2 – Galletas Año Nuevo Chino Parte 2

Here’s the second part on my Chinese New Year’s Celebration Cookies. I pick these cookies because what I really love about Chinese culture is the abundance of traditions and symbols they have. . . well I have to accept that I’m also in love with their food.

Aqui esta la segunda parte de mis galletas del Año Nuevo Chino. Escogi estas galletas porque lo que mas me gusta de la cultura China es la abundancia de tradiciones y simbolos que tienen . . . bueno debo aceptar que tambien me encanta su comida.
Chinese New Year part 2 - 1
Traditionally this celebration is a day where Chinese families gather for their annual reunion; is time to spend with family and close friends. Tradicionalmente esta celebracion es un dia donde las familias Chinas se juntan para su reunion anual; es tiempo para pasarlo con la familia y amigos cercanos.
Chinese New Year part 2 - 2

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Cookies for our 2011 Chinese New Year Celebration Part 1 – Galletas para celebrar el Año Nuevo Chino 2011 Parte 1

Yesterday was the celebration of “Chinese New Year” that is considered to be one of the most important holidays for Chinese families. My husband is Asian so are my kids. The Chinese New Year now is also know as the Spring Festival and is celebrated for about fifteen days. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit . To commemorate the occasion, along with other traditional Asian foods, I make some decorated cookies that I will share with you little by little because I really love them and want to post several shoots of each one.
Ayer fue la celebracion del “Año Nuevo Chino” que es considerado uno de los mas importantes dias festivos para las familias Chinas. Mi esposo es Asiatico y por consiguiente mis hijos tambien porque heredan la raza del padre. El Año Nuevo Chino es ahora tambien conocido como el Festival de Primavera y es celebrado por alrededor de 15 dias. Este 2011 es el Año del Conejo. Para conmemorar la ocasion, aparte de otros platillos asiaticos tradicionales, hice galletas decoradas que quiero compartir con ustedes de poquito en poquito porque realmente me encantaron y quiero publicar varias tomas de cada una.
Chinese Coins - 1
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