Chinese Koi Fish Cookies

More Chinese cookies! I’m not sure but is probably the color combination that attract me to Chinese symbols and today I will show you how I make these staple of Chinese culture the Koi fish that represent Harmony and Happiness and is tied to the Ying Yang symbol.

Chinese New Year 2014-

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Cookies Chinese New Year Part 2 – Galletas Año Nuevo Chino Parte 2

Here’s the second part on my Chinese New Year’s Celebration Cookies. I pick these cookies because what I really love about Chinese culture is the abundance of traditions and symbols they have. . . well I have to accept that I’m also in love with their food.

Aqui esta la segunda parte de mis galletas del Año Nuevo Chino. Escogi estas galletas porque lo que mas me gusta de la cultura China es la abundancia de tradiciones y simbolos que tienen . . . bueno debo aceptar que tambien me encanta su comida.
Chinese New Year part 2 - 1
Traditionally this celebration is a day where Chinese families gather for their annual reunion; is time to spend with family and close friends. Tradicionalmente esta celebracion es un dia donde las familias Chinas se juntan para su reunion anual; es tiempo para pasarlo con la familia y amigos cercanos.
Chinese New Year part 2 - 2

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