Cookie Round Up – Temple Texas

Cookie Round Up is a retreat style event organized by Tammi and Todd Colatti from 2T stencils. There you have a chance to peacefully enjoy creating cookies and learning new techniques and tricks. Moreover, is also a perfect chance to meet other fellow cookiers that share your same passion.  I was honored to be invited as a demonstrator for the event this past weekend. Tammi asked me to create cookies using wafer paper, a medium I love to use in my cakes and flowers but that never incorporate in my cookies other than for some small details. Was a challenge but I’m really please with the cookies I came up with for this special 2 days event.
Some Autumn creatures

Waferpaperm5cake7714          Waferpaperm5cake7682-2

Waferpaperm5cake 7747

Special pumpkins with an out of the ordinary Fall season color palette

and some for the Winter Holidays that are almost here.


Had a great time, learn a lot from the other amazing demonstrators and met a lot of wonderful ladies at the retreat. If you are interested, they are having the next Cookie Round Up in Kentucky on February.